Property Tax Rendition Round Rock, TX

Every business owner pays property taxes. To determine those taxes through fair and accurate valuation of the land you operate on, the State of Texas requires an annual property tax rendition. Perrin Anderson Rastogi Tax Services LLC assists business owners in Round Rock, Austin and Georgetown, TX with tax renditions, to ensure yours are filled out and filed accordingly. We emphasize accuracy and completeness, because we understand the impact your tax rendition has on the property taxes you owe each year.

What is a Property Tax Rendition?

Property tax renditions are used to estimate the value of commercial property and, effectively, the annual taxes owed on that property. Property owners who use their commercial property to generate income need to file a tax rendition every year. Renditions typically contain the following basic information about your commercial property:

  • Description
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Acquisition information

Filing Your Property Tax Rendition

For the most part, property tax renditions are simple to understand and fill out—however, it pays to work with a tax specialist to ensure you’re doing it right. We’ll assist you in filling out and filing your property tax rendition before the April 15 tax filing deadline, so you remain in good standing with the county appraiser.

It’s also important to consider how your property may have changed in the last year. Did you add or expand? Was your business damaged by a storm? These factors all impact your tax rendition, which makes it important to be thorough and accurate as you file each year’s new rendition.

Tax And Credits

We Assist With Tax Renditions

It can be easy to overlook your property tax rendition or file without adequate information. Perrin Anderson Rastogi Tax Services LLC helps you avoid these missteps. Contact us today at 512-219-9669M to discuss property tax renditions and what they mean for your Round Rock, TX business.